Carl Nassib   DE   Penn St

Carl has the potential to be as much as an impact for the team that selects him as JJ Watt has become for the Texans. He is just learning how to play his position, but his talent, size, explosion off the line and work ethic are outstanding and his ability to take what he learns onto the field from practice is impressive. Right now his explosion off the line and his natural strength are his two outstanding talents. He shows good feet and does a very good job changing the line of scrimmage to his advantage on every play. He works hard on every down and his ability to shed blocks is outstanding for a player who hasnít played much football. Carl is driven on every snap to get into the backfield and is an head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler. He is stout against the run and, with his natural explosion and size, he should become an excellent pass rusher in multiple styles of defensive fronts for the team that drafts him.

There is no doubt that Carl has a lot to learn about playing his position and must learn to play more under control. Right now he has one pass rushing move, but that pass rushing move allowed him to reach double digits sacks this year. Carl will have to get on a better conditioning program because nagging injuries have been a problem for him. Iím not saying that heís not in shape, Iím saying he needs a better nutritional and conditioning workout program that will help him to stay away from nagging leg injuries.

The talent is there. The size, the explosion off the line is there. The strength is all there. The work ethic is there, you just have to get all of these attributes working together as one to realize all of the potential that Carl has to impact at the next level. He is tall and not as flexible as you would like to see for a pure pass rusher, but he has the explosion and quickness to make up for that. Like I said, as soon as you put all of the ingredients together, this kid could be as impacting as JJ Watt is for the Texans. I think it is worth the wait for him to mature into an impact defensive lineman and Iím sure after the first day of practice, the team that selects him will feel the same way as I do.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016