Connor Cook   QB   Michigan St

Connor has very good arm talent and when his mechanics are right, he can make all the throws with good velocity, touch and arm strength. He has very good command of his multiple formation offense playing equally well under center and in the shotgun. He shows excellent intelligence and the stubbornness to make a play when most would give up on that play once he gets acclimated to the pressure and has trust in his blocking. He has good overall athleticism to slide or escape the pocket to pick up a first down when it is needed. Connor has the arm talent and size the NFL likes in its prototypical quarterbacks and when he works out at the combine, he will impress a lot of coaches with his potential to become a starting quarterback at the next level.

Connor struggles with his accuracy, arm strength, mechanics and decision making when a play breaks down or when he is under duress in the pocket. A play has to be perfect and in rhythm and if not, Connor lacks the football instincts to improvise. He struggles to reload and make accurate throws when he slides in the pocket, but in his defense, when the play calls for him to move the pocket and he keeps his mechanics in check, Connor throws the ball very well and with accuracy on the run.

Connor fights his demons as the game progresses, which is a very good thing to see in a developmental quarterback. He fights reacting poorly to pressure in the pocket and when he does this, he is very impressive and can bring his team back from a deficit and win a game. He has excellent talent, but like I said struggles when things are not working to perfection. If Connor can overcome his propensity to be inconsistent when under duress early in games, there is no reason to think that he canít become a starting quarterback in the right situation for an NFL team. However, I think it will take time and sometimes time is not something NFL teams and coaches have in this day and age. The reason for that? The cost of doing business is higher than it ever was and developing quarterbacks is becoming a thing of the past. Right now with the information I have in front of me and looking at film of Connor, he projects as a backup quarterback with some potential to be a winning starting quarterback at some point in the future. He reminds me a lot of Redskins and former Michigan St QB Kirk Cousins who is developing with excellent coaching, the same style of coaching Connor will need.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016