Jalen Ramsey   CB/S   Florida St

Jalenís coverage skills remind me of the Jetsí Antonio Cromartie, but he is far more aggressive at the point of attack and far more willing to take on tackling in the open field than Antonio. He has the size, long arms and legs to cover the bigger receivers and also to cover those big pass catching tight ends that are causing so much mismatch problems for most teams in the NFL. Jalen is smart and can be used at any one of the defensive back positions because of his tackling skills and his willingness to tackle in the open field. He shows on film good strength and solid coverage techniques. He also shows the leadership skills that so many teams are lacking in their defensive backfields. This, along with his size, straight line speed, long arms and legs and solid tackling skills make it a no brainer that Jalen should be considered one of the top defensive back field talents in this draft.

Jalen is not a quick-twitch type of athlete, which will cause him problems in coverage against smaller, quicker receivers. Right now, on stop and go routes and curl patterns, he has problems with coverage because of those long legs. That being said, learning to anticipate routes on down and distance and with experience this will become less of a problem. Jalen is an aggressive, solid tackler but sometimes that aggressiveness makes him a sloppy tackler. He has to strengthen his hands to help improve his tackling. This will also help him to secure and intercept more passes, making him even more of an impact player.

Talent like this in this size player with his intelligence, aggressiveness and leadership skills, donít come along very often and when it does, you draft that player early. It doesnít matter if you think he is a better fit at safety than corner, you draft him anyway and you draft him early. Jalen is smart and he knows the money is at the corner position, but the truth is for me personally, Iíd use him at corner, at safety and in nickel or dime, move him inside so he can deal with those big Tight Ends on passing downs. This kid can become something special. He still has to improve his coverage skills, but I have no doubt that he will continue to work hard and improve because he wants to be one of the best. Thatís what I see when I watch the film of Jalen -- a kid who wants to be one of the best.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016