Jared Goff   QB   California

Jared is another quarterback who has improved in every game I have seen him in this year. He has excellent arm talent to make all the throws with touch when needed along with accuracy and velocity that is expected from a top quarterback for the next level. Jared has a very quick release plus quick feet that help him to set up quickly and keep his balance to execute with outstanding accuracy when he throws the ball. He plays with a healthy fear of personal failure that drives him to succeed and improve. He is demanding of the players around him and because of his accuracy and football intelligence, has the respect of his teammates on the field. Jared gets rid of the ball quickly because he is able to read defenses at the college level and look for mismatches in the passing game. He obviously patterns and copies his set ups and drops (from under center) on Peyton Manningís style and in doing so, has improved dramatically from the first game of this season to the last bowl game. Jared has franchise talent and potential.

Jared struggles when working from a muddled pocket and under duress. He fights it and has improved this year by setting up quicker and making better decisions in his pre-snap reads. The problem is these improvements have only accomplished making sure he doesnít work from a muddled pocket -- it doesnít improve his ability to work from one. His leadership will depend on how well he can deal with this issue at the next level. He must continue to improve in reading defenses and understanding how to use the running game to keep the pressure off him. No matter what he does, at some point he will have to stand tall and prove he can play from a collapsed pocket.

How well any quarterback handles adversity during a game is the key to being a successful quarterback in the NFL, providing they have the talent. Whether or not a QB can adjust mentally and physically when defenses are game planning to take away the best plays and players, decides your success in winning. When everything is going right, Jared is one of the best. When things start to break down Jared does adjust, but this fear of failure will haunt him at times. He needs to avoid panic in adverse situation or, at the NFL level, this will lead to magnified mistakes. He needs to mature and accept his play when itís bad -- turn the page and improve just like a cornerback who gets burned on the deep pass needs to do. Jared has the talent to be exceptional. His accuracy passing the ball is outstanding. The fact he has been improving and adapting his game to address his lack of ability to work from the pocket under duress and extend plays is impressive, but the truth is he hasnít improved on that weakness; he has just been able to mask it. At the next level, no matter how quickly he gets rid of the ball, the pocket will become muddled and he has to learn to stand tall, deliver, get hit and come back for more. I think he can do it. In fact, I would bet on it. Jared has big time talent, football intelligence and just enough fear of failure to become the quarterback his talents suggest that he can become. He has the potential to be a franchise quarterback.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016