Joey Bosa   DE   Ohio St

Joey reminds me a lot of the Redskins DE Ryan Kerrigan because of his play in stopping the run. He has an excellent burst off the line of scrimmage to be a terrific pass rusher at the next level, but his intelligence and team play to stop the run first is what attracts me to his overall play. You cannot run a sweep around this kid’s side because he will engage and shed blockers (or stand up a double team so others can make a tackle) as well as JJ Watt does for the Texans. If he doesn’t make the tackle on a sweep to his side, then his teammate will because of his stoutness. He has the athletic talent to turn the corner and sack a quarterback, but his true talents lay in the quickness in his hands and feet to engage then disengage, leaving his opponent flailing in air and watching helplessly as Joey drops their quarterback for a sack. Joey has the talent to become a complete defensive end for the team that selects him because he can play in a 1-gap or 2-gap defense on the line of scrimmage. He also has the talent to become as good as the Packers Clay Mathews who at the college level was a specialty pass rusher (see 2009 Archives) and not a starter. But for the purposes of this draft right now, I see him being very similar to Ryan Kerrigan. Either way some team will be selecting a hell of a football player.

Joey has the talent to play as a OLB/DE in a 3-4 defense but I feel his impact position for the next level is in a 4-3 defense as a strong side defensive end. His impact is attacking the line of scrimmage and using him to drop off the line will lessen his impact. You can use him anyplace on the line and move him around from side to side but he is so good at stopping the run that if used that way most teams will run from him and once again that will lessen his impact.

I can see the fans doing the “BosaNova” (look it up, I can’t do everything) every time Joey sacks a quarterback in the NFL and trust me, it will fun. If you use Joey like the Packers used Clay Mathews early in his career, he could have the same impact as Clay has had for the team that selects him. But at some point just like what happened to Clay, teams will start running away from him. Joey is smart and he can do just about anything on a football field but attacking the line of scrimmage on every play is the key to how impacting he will be. So, I suggest you draft him and put him on the field and let him attack the line of scrimmage either off the line or on it (it doesn’t matter) so the fans can do the “BosaNova” in the stands every time Joey makes a play – oh, and have fun.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016