Laquon Treadwell   WR   Ole Miss

Laquon is a big, strong, “ball is in the air and it’s all mine”-type of receiver that every team needs to have a successful passing game. He has the speed and athletic talent to go deep and catch the ball with players hanging all over him. He is an excellent zone receiver with the strength to make yards after the catch and gain first down yardage. Laquon loves to catch the ball up high and out-jump his defender. On the deep ball, he likes the defender to “body up” to him so that he knows where they are in order to adjust to the ball and snatch it out of the air before they do. He shows good lateral agility to make defenders miss him in the open field, which also allows him to run routes quicker and get the separation that he needs to make those difficult catches when everyone in the stadium knows the ball is going to Laquon. He is a difference maker (the real deal) and a quarterback’s best friend on the field. To top it all off, he shows through his blocking that he is a good teammate.

Against single coverage, Laquon has a bad habit of slowing down after he makes his cuts waiting for the ball and allowing his defender to get “up on him” and knock balls down. In his defense, until this year, he didn’t have a very accurate quarterback throwing to him which I suspect is why he has gotten into this bad habit. He also does this because he is bigger than most defenders and uses his body to shield players from the ball. He will find out very quickly at the next level that this little issue will be magnified and cause him a lot of problems unless he breaks this habit soon.

To be the franchise receiver that Laquon’s talent and size suggests that he can become, he must break this habit of slowing down after his cuts against single coverage. Once he does that (and I have no doubt that he will), Laquon becomes a big “game planning problem” for teams going up against him. He has those strong hands to go along with his size and speed which makes him very tough to stop in the red zone or when he needs to gain extra yardage for a first down. He is athletic and, like I said, can catch the ball with defenders hanging all over him. He has those long legs that make it hard to stay with him on deep routes even if the defender can run faster than he can. He displayed a tremendous work ethic coming back from a broken leg and has excellent mental toughness to deal with the blindside hits from safeties and still hang on to the ball. It’s up to Laquon how successful and impacting he wants to be at the next level, but with the information I have in front of me, I have no doubt that he will become a franchise receiver for the team that selects him. He is the real deal.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016