Laremy Tunsil   OT   Ole Miss

Laremy has the pure athletic talent that is needed for the next level to be a franchise Left Tackle in the NFL. He has the body type that is needed to be a left tackle in the NFL with those long arms that keep pass rushers away from his body. He has very quick feet and is quick out of his stance; I believe can play more than one position on the line if needed. Laremy does an excellent job going to the next level and making blocks on line backers. On sweeps and screen plays, he has the athletic ability to get out quickly and make his blocks going down the field. There is no doubt in my mind that Laremy can be an excellent left tackle at the next level ďathleticallyĒ but he does have some issues that could stop him from becoming the left tackle his athletic ability suggest that he can become.

Laremy struggles with consistency as well as mental and physical stamina right now. In his defense, he is coming off an injury that might be a reason for the lack of physical stamina. Iím not saying he takes downs off, but I am saying he doesnít give the consistent level of effort on every play and, in the latter part of a game, it shows up with sloppy techniques and not finishing his blocks. This is not good for a left tackle. He has to get stronger physically and have the same mental toughness and use of techniques from the first part of a game until the last play of the game.

Talent Board Round: 1
If Laremy plays with the attitude that he doesnít have to have the same effort on every single play at the next level, he will get his quarterback hurt. It doesnít matter if itís a running play or a passing play, he will still get his quarterback hurt because, like a shark smelling blood in the water, NFL players will see this in his play and take advantage of it by setting him up and waiting for that let down in his blocking assignment. Thatís when they will strike, ripping the arm or leg from his quarterback. The only issue holding Laremy back is his mental stamina to play at the same level on every play all game long. If he understands that techniques are just as important on every play as athletic talent, he could become a franchise left tackle in the NFL. If he just relies on his athletic talent on every play, he is in for an inconsistent NFL career and a switch to the other side of the line which means a lot less money and prestige. I would still draft Laremy in the first round without a doubt because any athletic offensive lineman who plays at the SEC level with his athletic talent is worth taking a chance that he will become the player his athletic talent suggests. Seriously, selecting Laremy at some point in the first round to me is a no brainer because worst case scenario, youíre drafting a pro bowl right tackle who can play Left tackle and that alone is worthy of a 1st round grade.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016