Myles Jack   LB   UCLA

Myles has the athletic talent and football intelligence that should make him as impactful at the next level as Brian Urlacher was for the Chicago Bears. He has the strength to meet and greet those big guards in the hole then shed and make tackles. What is more impressive is his ability to take on a double team of offensive linemen, stand them up to allow his teammates to make the tackle and stop the run. Myles can play any one of the linebacker positions in any style of defensive scheme. He has excellent cover skills and has the hands to make the interception. He is a playmaker who can turn a game around because of his athletic talents and football instincts and, when you find a playmaker at the linebacker position, you draft those players early because they are few and far between.

Myles seems to lack the true pass rushing techniques to be a “stand on the line pass rusher” right now. He has the athletic talent, but once engaged, doesn’t seem to finish his rush to the QB with any kind of consistency. He lacks the hand techniques and pad level coming off the line of scrimmage to be much of a factor for the next level if he is used this way. He is much better being used as a blitzing linebacker coming from off the line of scrimmage. That being said, I’m sure he can learn to be a better pass rusher if he needs to be.

If you’re looking for a linebacker who can play the middle in the Tampa two defense, look no further -- Myles is your man. For that matter, if any team is looking for a linebacker to build your defense around once again…Myles is your man. He can cover those big tight ends down the field along with being able to stop the run. He has an excellent burst to run down players from behind and with his instincts defending on passing downs, he will impact with interceptions and stops behind the line of scrimmage. Myles is one of the top players in this draft and once he works out at the combine (barring injury issues), he will turn a lot of people’s heads with his athleticism, pure speed and burst and his agility. Add that information to what you see once you turn on the film and believe me, this is a player who should be considered as one of the best in this draft. As of this writing Myles is injured, but has decided to come out early and has signed with an agent. My guess is after rehab and preparation for the combine, Myles will establish himself as a top pick in this draft.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016