Ronnie Staley   OT   Notre Dame

Ronnie is a technically sound left tackle with the mental stamina and overall athletic talent to play the left tackle position at a high level for the team that selects him. He takes pride in his blocking skills, but what I like most about Ron is that he does not panic when he is getting beat or forget his techniques. He shows good quickness out of his stance when both run blocking and pass blocking and is one of the best at positioning himself and using his hands and arm length to defeat his opponent. Ron shows quick enough feet and lateral agility to play on the right or left side of the line. Ronnie’s best attributes are his football intelligence and his unusual understanding of the technical aspect of his position. He is like a professor of “footballology” of his position. Because of the efficiency, he plays his position with, he most likely will be overlooked unless he shows in his workouts unusual athletic ability that matches his excellent techniques and understanding of his position.

Ronnie’s workouts will dictate his position in the draft. On film his athletic talent is masked because of his technical skills and the ease and efficiency he seems to be able to block players in both the run game and pass blocking at the college level.

If Ronnie goes to the Senior Bowl and combine and shows that athletic talent to go along with his technique, he could very easily be considered as a top ten pick in this draft. If not, he should still be a first round draft pick. Either way I think he’s a top offensive lineman in this draft and I would not hesitate to draft him in the 1st round. I think he can play on either side of the line and once he gets into a pro team’s strength and conditioning program, he’ll be even better as I believe he still has some athletic upside to his overall game. I think with his already solid athletic talent and excellent football intelligence to learn and adjust his techniques when run blocking or pass blocking as the game goes on, Ronnie could become something special in future years. It’s not often you come across a player with the techniques skills this kid already possesses from the college level. Remember Drew’s draft rule number 10, “Drafting a franchise left tackle improves three positions: LT, LG & QB.” Ronnie is a potential franchise Left Tackle. So I say draft the obvious and draft the obvious early. Ronnie (The Professor) Stanley is a potential franchise left tackle.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016