Taylor Decker   OT   Ohio St

Taylor is a smart offensive lineman who has the mental strength and football intelligence to play more than one position for the team that selects him. He reminds me a lot of the Packersí Brian Bulaga. He has solid athletic talent and uses good techniques. He shows excellent leadership skills and works very well with his teammates on the line of scrimmage blocking and picking up stunts. He is strong when blocking for the run and does a solid job when pass blocking as well. He shows good lateral agility to play the left tackle position in the right system and should be a solid, if not better than average, right tackle for the team that selects him. I believe his impact position might be as a left guard which makes Taylor a player who can play more than one position on the line at a very high level. Taylor is very assignment savvy and understands angles and leverage like an offensive line coach. When you find offensive lineman with this type of knowledge and talent, you draft him, find a position for him and leave him there for the next ten years.

Taylor lacks the foot speed needed to be used pulling around tackles for sweeps. He also is slow getting out to the second level picking up linebackers. He does a good job at the college level, but his change of direction skills and lack of foot speed make Taylor more of a systems offensive lineman rather that a lineman who can play in any style of offensive line blocking. That being said, Taylor works hard and understands his own athletic talents to maximize his strengths and minimize his weaknesses.

If Taylor stays healthy and works hard, he can learn to compensate for his lack of foot speed and change of direction skills. Unfortunately, I have seen many offensive linemen who are slower become excellent at the next level and there is nothing in Taylorís play on the field that makes me think he wonít work hard and improve. His natural leadership skills and his football intelligence are outstanding. His ability to understand blocking assignments like an offensive line coach is more mature than most players coming out of college and these strong attributes will help to make him an outstanding lineman for the team that selects him. He has solid athletic talent and uses good techniques; although he is tall, I can see by the way he fires out when run blocking that playing guard might be a fit for him. He is a strong leader and a coach on the field. Iím not sure what more you want in a football player who takes pride in blocking for his quarterback. Like I said, he reminds me a lot of the Packers Brian Bulaga.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016