George Kittle   TE   Iowa


George is a run blocker dream comes true for the team that selects him. He shows the power and strength when blocking, to play on the line and is athletic enough to block in open spaces for sweeps, screens and off tackle run plays. The closer he lines up to the line of scrimmage the better run blocker he is. George loves to block for the run. You can see it in his effort and quickness out of his stance and how quickly he gets on his man to dominate him and finish his blocks. He does a good job catching the ball on quick close to the line routes but once in a while because teams can forget about him he has the speed to go down filed and catch a pass and surprise everyone in the stadium. George has potential and could improve catching the ball and running routes but his love of blocking will always outweigh catching the ball for him because that’s just the way George’s brain is wired.

If a team can get George to improve his route running and improve his hand strength, and catch radius, than George will become one of the few “complete” tight ends from this draft. He also will become an impact player blocking and catching the ball very much like the Cowboys Jason Witten. That being said, developing is the key and right now that’s a long ways off. George does have a problem blocking on passing downs lunging and coming off balance and this is all technique work that needs to be addressed. The poor techniques in pass blocking have a lot to do with George being too aggressive because he loves to run block so much. He needs to learn patience when pass blocking.

George showed that he has very good speed and athletic talent so there is a lot to work for the team that selects him. I suppose NFL coaches are looking at his film and combine numbers and are just licking their chops at the thought of working with this kid. The problem is, Iowa has an excellent coaching staff and you do have to wonder if George really hasn’t improved under their tutelage, what makes anyone think that he will improve because of their coaching? Looking at the other side of the coin, Iowa has a tendency not to “fully” develop Tight Ends the last few years just using their strengths instead of developing their weaknesses. That statement is not meant as criticism. I just have noticed in the last few years that developing “complete” Tight Ends as compared to other positions doesn’t seem to be a priority and rightly so if the player doesn’t have the talent. George has the talent, so I do wonder why he is so far behind developing all of that talent. I suspect at the NFL level because George was used all over his college teams offense to block, that the same thing will happen once again and developing his passing skills and route running might not be the priority. I think George has to take control of improving himself and not rely on any coaching staff. If he does than look out because George will become more than just a blocking Tight End, he will become an impact Tight End very much like Jason Witten. The ball is in your court George.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2017