Bob Wolfley | SportsDay

Posted: April 26, 2010

McGinn stacks up

The mock NFL draft picks that Green Bay Packers beat reporter Bob McGinn made for the Journal Sentinel were rated among the best by The Huddle Report, which scores and ranks mock drafts.

McGinn finished fifth for his first-round picks among 88 mock drafts entered for consideration. You get a point for correctly choosing a player for the first round and two more points if you match a player with the team that selects him. Each selection is worth as much as three points.

McGinn picked 26 of a possible 32 players correctly for the first round for 26 points and matched 10 players with their teams for 20 points, a total of 46.

Will Spencer and Rob Engle of Draft Breakdown finished first with 50 points, followed by Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft (49), Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN (48), Joe Everett of Rookie Draft(47) and McGinn (46).

McGinn finished tied for second in the category of top-100 boards, which are scored by the number of your top 100 prospects being picked among the top 100 in the draft.

McGinn picked 85, finishing second to Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, who picked 87. The Huddle Report tied with McGinn, followed by Draft Ace, Sunday Kickoff and Pro Football Weekly, which all tied for fourth with 83.

A total of 55 top-100 boards were ranked.

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